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Sabbia Beach Condos

Pompano Beach, Florida


Amalfi  (1,762 sq. ft,) Maintenance $1,603/month 2bedroom/2.5bath


#501  -  $900,000
#601  -  $925,000
#1201 - $1,075,000

Barona (2,525 sq. ft.) Maintenance $2,293/month 3bedroom/den/4bath

#502    -  $1,790,000
#1102  -  $1,875,000
#1202  -  $1,900,000
#1402  -  $1,950,000
#1602  -  $2,000,000

Grand Barona (4,355 sq. ft.) Maintenance $3,963/month


#1702  -  $3,225,000

Capri (1,880 sq. ft.) Maintenance

$1,710/month 2bedroom/den/2.5bath

Positano (1,954 sq. ft.) Maintenance $1,778/month 3bedroom/3bath

#505  -  $1,220,000
#1205 -  $1,350,000

Terrazza A (1,760 sq. ft.) Maintenance $1,603/month/  2 bedroom/2.5bath

#401  -  $1,440,000

Terrazza E (1,955 sq. ft.) Maintenance $1,778/month 3bedroom/3bath

#405  -  $1,550,000


How does one improve on something as perfect as that which nature has already gifted us? It’s rare, but once in a while it happens. And when it does the result is transformative, giving us an even deeper appreciation for the world around us.  

Such is the case with Sabbia Beach, an extraordinary boutique property with a collection of 68 ultra-luxurious oceanfront residences, inextricable from their stunning surroundings and rising skyward above 200 linear feet of pristine South Florida shoreline. Sabbia Beach presents a lifestyle not merely on the ocean, but of the ocean. Surf, sand, sun and style all come together in perfect harmony at Sabbia Beach.

From  the  Hillsboro  Inlet,  an  uninterrupted strand  of  sun-soaked  shoreline  stretches three miles to the south. This is Pompano Beach, a blissful breath of fresh air just minutes from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach.  

Near the midpoint of this idyllic stretch of white sand is Sabbia Beach, the first new ultra-luxury oceanfront development in Pompano Beach in nearly a decade. With its ocean-inspired design and sweeping views of the calm turquoise waters, framed by white-sand beach and azure sky, there is no doubt that this is where you were meant to live.